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At Funding Found LLC we strive to provide our clients with the best commercial financial solutions possible. We accomplish this by offering various financial service options and by gaining and maintaining access to large amounts of capital. This allows us to service an array of businesses types ranging from the smallest start-ups to large-scale corporations.


Funding Found LLC has partnered with multiple lenders to bring our clients the broadest range of business financing products available from a single source. Our network ranges from leading national banks to highly specialized lenders with sector specific expertise that allows them to fund deals that traditional banks won’t. Is your startup in need of funding? We can help. Is your business on a fast growth trajectory but needs capital to keep up with orders? We can help. Have expansion plans requiring real estate and equipment? We can help there too. Our highly specialized packages allow us to provide you with flexible options catered to your specific business needs.


We specialize in commercial loans from $1,000,000 and up for acquisition or refinancing of Multi-Family Apartment Buildings, Shopping Centers, Mixed-use, Office, Retail, Mobile Home Parks, Mini-Storage, Industrial, Hotels and Motels, and Specialty Properties. (Multi-family financing is available starting at $500,000.) Funding Found LLC is a loan broker which prides itself on finding innovative solutions to maximize the return for the borrower. Our experience allows us to anticipate and act on every detail of the transaction to avoid potential problems.


Excellent commercial mortgage rates are available for fixed or variable rate, long-term financing. In most cases, as a commercial mortgage broker, we can arrange non-recourse financing (subject to traditional carve-outs). Commercial loans with interest-only features are also available. Whether you are in need of Purchase Money Financing, Refinancing, Bridge Loan or Construction Financing, we can identify the appropriate source and make it work for you. We will work hand in hand with you until and after closing to obtain commercial loans for a particular situation with the best commercial mortgage rates.


As a loan broker, we offer commercial loans which are available for properties throughout the United States for income-producing properties as well as owner-occupied real estate. Whether your primary objective is to maximize loan dollars, obtain the lowest interest rate, or achieve the maximum in flexibility, we will work with you to achieve your financing objectives through our wide network of lenders and investors.


To learn more about the possibilities for commercial real estate financing,  contact Funding Found LLC today. 

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